As a complement to the activities of Hydro Works, we offer you design and production of standard hydraulic power packs, mini power packs and specialone - customized to individual customer needs. Each power pack is produced in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards, and has the appropriate technical documentation. For each unit we provide support at startup, and also warranty and post-warranty service.

Standard power packs 

Mini power packs 

Standard power packs are mostly used in industry field – to work with hydraulic cylinders and motors in different kinds of devices like f.e. presses, lifts, elevators, elements of technology lines etc.

Mini power packs are characterized by small and compact construction. They are used in mobile applications and in light duty industry applications (no countinios works nessesary).

Standard construscion on power pack has elements like:

  • hydraulic electro-pump
  • oil tank (steel or aluminum)
  • valves and diverters
  • oil filters (on suction line, return line and filler brathers)
  • pressure gauge or pressure switch

Additional elements of power pack:

  • air-oil cooler or water-oil cooler
  • oil heater
  • flow dividers
  • pressure and temperature sensors
  • pressure and temperature switches
  • oil level switch
  • hydraulic accumulators
  • other special valves

In standard power pack we can easily expand construcion using above elements, but in mini power pack our possibilies are limited, however chooseing right solution is key to meet customer needs. In order to correctly design the hydraulic power pack, it is necessary to know about the following parameters:

  • required force in the cylinder, torque in the motor or system pressure
  • working speed of the cylinder or motor
  • control valves type (manual, solenoids)
  • power pack working conditions (eg. continuous, intermittent)
  • environment conditions
  • dimensions limits
  • specific requirements of system
  • description of a power pack application

In standard power pack we are able to provide below parameters (other paramteters on demand):

  • flow rate: 1,5 – 80 l/min (for single pump)
  • working pressure (gear pump): up to 250 bar (270 bar for cast iron pumps)
  • electric motor power: 0,55 – 22 kW
  • electric motor supply: 230V AC, 400V AC
  • oil capacity in tank: 16 – 375 liters
  • solenoids electric supply: 12V DC, 24V DC, 110V AC, 230V AC

Basical paramters of mini power pack (other paramteters on demand):

  • flow rate: 0,35 – 12,5 l/min (for single pump)
  • working pressure (gear pump): up to 250 bar
  • electric motor power: 0,25 – 5,5 kW
  • electric motor supply: 12V DC, 24V DC, 230V AC,
  • oil capacity in tank: 1 – 45 liters
  • solenoids electric supply: 12V DC, 24V DC, 110V AC, 230V AC

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